Federico has been our Spanish conversation group tutor for a year and I am very satisfied with the quality of his teaching. I have experienced a number of Spanish teachers over the last 10 years and he’s probably at the top of the list.

In a small group it’s important to be aware of everyone’s weaknesses and strengths and Federico is extremely good at keeping all of us involved at our various levels.

He does a lot of homework himself! He will research Issues and topics that are raised one week so that we can resolve issues the next week and have informed discussions.

The classes are well balanced – a good mixture of grammar, listening and discussion. They are tailor-made to suit our requirements.

He is extremely literate with a good knowledge of world politics & culture and literature. A good communicator – he’s able to explain grammar structures with patience and clarity or drum up an interesting conversation out of thin air.

I thought my level of Spanish had plateaued but he has definitely brought about an improvement in me.

All in all, I recommend him highly,

Adam T.

I have been having one-on-one Spanish lessons with Federico since July last year. I can report that he is always punctual and reliable and gives good lessons, at an appropriate pace and with a sense of humor. He clearly plans the lessons, providing useful structure which balances training in grammar with conversational practice.

Overall. I would recommend him as a teacher.

Katie D.

My son James has been tutored by Federico for an hour a week over the past two years. Federico has always been prepared to be flexible and work to a timetable to suit us. He is very reliable and consistent in the teaching he offers my son. He is always punctual.

My son has had a very imaginative personalised curriculum. Federico has constantly adapted the learning experiences he’s offered my son to strengthen his understanding of Spanish. That he’s succeeded is evident in my son´s growing confidence and his sadness that as the exam looms he will no longer be seeing Federico. My main concern was that my son would want to carry on learning Spanish after his GCSE. I think this has been achieved.

To summarise, Federico has shown all the qualities which have convinced me that not only was he an excellent teacher for my son but that he has the ability to adapt to the needs of any student.

Therefore, I would unhesitatingly recommend Federico as a Spanish teacher.

Sheila S.

Myself and a group of friends hired Federico to continue conversational Spanish, each and every one of us really took to him immediately. The group has recently split, one moved away and two others had babies, those two, hope to rejoin the lesson fairly soon.

My Spanish has been acquired over many years by taking lessons on and off up to GCSE level.  I use my Spanish in Spain, hastily trying to convey what I need to say and over the years have developed a lot of fossilized mistakes. Federico has taken me back to basics grammatically and explained patiently the subtle differences between similar words and how to use them in the right context. Federico has a journalist background so his knowledge of his own language is priceless.

Sandra P.