Business Spanish Lessons

for individuals and companies – would you like to do business with Spanish speaking clients?

You can make a difference in the business world if you speak Spanish. Business Spanish lessons are specifically tailored to communicate more effectively with Spanish-speaking clients, partners and contractors.

There are 26 Spanish-speaking countries in the world comprising of 469 million speakers. Spanish-speaking countries are an attractive market for any business. Speaking Spanish opens up new opportunities and increases your chances to succeed.

Business Spanish lessons are designed to meet key aspects of general communication and business language. Classes include grammar, formal communication in writing and conversation as well as specific business and economic vocabulary with the emphasis put on calls making, presentations, negotiations, emails, web conferences and any other form of business correspondence.

The following topics can be covered:

• Company
• HR
• Marketing y publicity.
• Buying and Selling / Sales and Acquisition
• Chambers of commerce
• Bank
• Stock market
• Taxes

Business Spanish lessons are always designed to meet your specific requirements and you are welcome to bring your Spanish reports and any form of Spanish communication for further practice purposes.

Although Business Spanish lessons usually build on already acquired knowledge, extending specific vocabulary and achieving a higher command of the language at work, they may also be taken by beginners who wish to orientate their learning process on specific business topic from the very first lesson.

Business Spanish lessons certainly help improve your professional opportunities in Spain and Latin American countries, but sometimes learning the language is not enough. That is why my lessons always include cultural awareness aspect as you also need to know what to say and when to say it!

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