Spanish for travel

Enrich your travel experience and communicate in Spanish

Are you ready to speak Spanish in Spanish-speaking country?

Not knowing Spanish could mean a barrier in communication if you are going to travel to Spain or South America. Spanish and South American people are very friendly and helpful but they often do not speak English. Speaking Spanish could make the difference in your trip and enrich your travel experience.

My Spanish for travel lessons are all about useful to travelers Spanish words and phrases. They also develop your language skills in real situations putting the emphasis on speaking and listening. Learn how to communicate in a wide range of day-to-day situations such as arranging accommodation and transport, eating in restaurants, doing shopping, asking for directions, etc.

Whatever your reason to travel and whichever your destination is, my Spanish for travel lessons are designed to help you find your way in a Spanish speaking country of your choice. Classes are flexible to fit your individual needs and schedule and they also include cultural awareness aspect.

Spanish for travel lessons cover:

• Assessment on the first lesson
• Learning plan based on your destination and travel purpose
• Study material provided
• Wide range of teaching resources, including handbooks, audio, videos, role play games, etc.
• Regular homework and feedback.

For any questions regarding Spanish for travel lessons and for more details, please do not hesitate to contact me on

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